Barry Schreiber - Ein kleines Interview

Wer fragen über die Nebenrollen sowie den Regisseuren von Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Filmen hat, ist hier genau richtig.

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Barry Schreiber - Ein kleines Interview

Beitragvon Andreas » Freitag 11. November 2016, 20:53

1. We saw you in the films Speaking with a devil from 1990 and in one episode from Extralarge (1991). How was it to shot the films with Bud Spencer. What are your fragrant memories?

I was in more episodes than the two you mentioned. It was fun working with Bud. Memories, why did he never speak?

2. Do you get the role about a manager?

Was just casted in the manager's role.

3. How was it to work with Castellari and E. B. Clucher?

Castellari and Clucher were fun to work with.

4. Schreiber is a German name. Do you stay anytime in Germany?

I am of Jewish/German decent and have visited Berlin once.

5. What do you do today?

Aside from practicing law in Israel, I own an insurance agency in Los Angeles specializing in property and casualty coverage.
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