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Exklusiv fürs Forum: Mein Interview mit Stephen Lankau

Beitragvon Andreas » Donnerstag 1. Dezember 2016, 20:42

Stephen Lankau war so freundlich und erklärte sich für ein Interview bereit.
Für Bud Spencer Fans dürfte er eher unter den Namen Cannonball bekannt sein.
http://heyse-online.de/spencerhilldb/da ... eller=1891

1. We see you in the film Extralarge - Miami Drugs. How was it to shot a film with Bud Spencer? What are your special memories?

(I was in the episode Cannonball) Bud Spencer was a larger than life guy off screen too. He was kind though and always very calm. In the scenes that were between he and I only... I truly enjoyed it. We had a fight where only part of the scene was used in the film where Bud had to throw me up against a locker to knock some sense into me... I told him to really "go for it" and boy DID HE! It really made for a great scene and helped me (that is my character!) to see the light. From that point forward, Cannonball began to turn the corner, from a cocky guy who found himself caught up in life or death organized crime and sporting corruption... to a guy who found faith is Bud Spencer's ability to settle the score and make things right again in Cannonball's life!

2. How do you get the role in the film? Simple really, I tried out. I have to say, I knew I would get this role... I had a feeling from the moment I was sitting in the waiting room with all of the other guys trying out for Cannonball. I remember thinking that I was perfect for this role that I truly related to the character. About a manager? I had an agent at the time who sent me on the casting.

3. How was it to work with the director Castellari?

He was special. Laid back and always in a good mood. He knew how to keep the talent relaxed and into it!

4. Was Extralarge your only film as actor? No

5. In which month was the film shooting?

I honestly cannot remember. It was nice out!

6. Was Ted Milford a real football player?

Ted Milford... well I cannot say as to how the characters of the movie got developed on the record. Whether the story line is based upon true circumstances and actual events... lets just say that the late 1980's and 90's were a crazy time for University of Miami football and football players... one has to keep in mind that college football players to this day are considered "amateur athletes" and are not allowed to be paid ANY MONEY no matter what their financial situation is... many times these athletes cannot afford simple expenses such as the cost of laundry at the laundry mat, yet the Universities continue to make millions from these "amateur football" programs across the United States.

7. What do you do today?

Today I am a Dad first! I work as lawyer, & own 4 businesses. I am currently considering whether to step into politics as I have recently been approached...
...more on that this coming year.
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