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Exklusiv fürs Forum: Mein Interview mit Denis Karvil

Beitragvon Andreas » Freitag 3. Juli 2015, 17:14

1. How was it to shoot films with Bud Spencer. What are your fragrant memories?

I am French. I lived between Rome and Paris. My real name is Cossu (Karvil is my pseudonym), my father is Italian and my mother French and I speak Italian and it’s my agent who find this meeting and it’s was a coproduction with France.
The shooting was wonderful and Carlo Pedersoli (his real name) is so nice and it’s a man very intelligent, he had a fly company of transport.
I didn’t see Carlo because after the movies he’s gone to Miami for 6 month. I regret about that and he doesn´t know during 20 years I become a famous producer in France but that’s life.

2. Was the hotel a real hotel and where is the location?

The hotel with Fernande is a natural location near Cannes.

3. Bud Spencer speaks Italian and you Italian/French. Do you talk in English with Bud?

We play in English.

4. The director Steno died in the year 1988. Happened this during the shooting?

He is dead just before the 6th episode.

5. How do you get the characters in the film? About a manager?

My manager and I do a test with Steno.

6. What do you do today?

Now I play rarely and I produce again.
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